The route of access to the rookery allows us to enjoy the immensity of the landscape, its fresh air and its transparent sky.

Approximately 25 km. before getting to the rookery, on the provincial route Number 1, on km number 234, we can see the old post office of “Dos Pozos” situated in the main site of Dos Pozos. And approximately 300 mt farther, we can see the ranch “La Antonieta” established at the end of the decade of 1910, by Don Vicente Martino.

Here, visitors will find the first direct contact with the argentine sea, just in “Dos Pozos”. This site is the most distinguished place of the access route to the rookery.

The fauna of these lands go through the roads freely. We can see guanacos, and choiques (ostriches), little rheas, typical of the place. Once we get closer to the coast, the air gets salty and the sea birds fly through the sky: southern seagulls, skúas, royal and black necked cormorants, Antarctic pigeons and petrels. The ocean in this place is home to sea lions, southern whales, dolphins and orcas.

The watching and contact with this incredible fauna in its natural habitat is an extraordinary experience for visitors.

Inside the nature reserve, the visit already mentioned before, is carried out through paths that allow a direct contact with the penguins by walking among them. So, visitors can closely watch their behaviour, habits and curiosities of the penguins.